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The inclusion of disadvantaged audiences remains a major challenge for the museum sector. Inclusion starts with the question of accessibility. This does not stop at the accessibility of the buildings and the adaptation of visits for disabled visitors. It also involves the presentation of the content and with the development of online museum offers, digital devices and adapted settings which can prove to be a tremendous asset for people who have little or no access to culture, if done inclusively. For those with reading difficulties, for people with DYS (dyslexia), learning disabilities, visual, hearing or intellectual disabilities, artworks are still difficult to access.
Team of Art proposes to accompany these audiences in their discovery of artworks through a scripted presentation, in the form of a linear narrative, with a level of language which is easy to read and understand.

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The European Accessible Museum of Art

The confinement due to COVID-19 situation has helped to put the spotlight on this type of initiative and accelerate them with numerous museum offering digital tours. But if one praises the accessibility of museums from one’s couch, what about the accessibility of digital content to users with special needs?

The content of a virtual exhibition using the standard codes of mediation (display of the work, display of the label) can quickly turn out to be just as inaccessible to people with few qualifications or to people with special needs. The question of the accessibility of an image, as much in its feeling as in its comprehension, is posed as much in physical as in digital form.

This project wishes to question the accessibility of images, as well as the accessibility of text and presentation, by proposing a narrative and visual experimentation in the presentation of works of art for learners with little or no qualifications, or with special needs.

Copyrights and terms of use

Team of Art project uses works of art that are free of rights: we use paintings from the public domain, to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply, as well as paintings under the Creative Commons license that lets us use the works of art in the project.

As for the paintings under the fair use copyright, we decided to only keep them in small size, as opposed to high-resolution ones.

We thoroughly checked the copyrights and the rules of use of all the artworks presented in the project, in case of doubt we sent a message to the right holders. Some of them agreed that we use the artworks in this non-profit project. In case of a refusal, we deleted the artworks and replaced them with the ones from the public domain.

However, if you happen to find a painting whose use seems faulty to you, please contact us, and we will try to resolve the problem by either addressing the right holder or deleting the artwork.

The Circus Georges Seurat 1890, Oil on canvas

The Circus

Georges Seurat

L'homme de Vitruve

The Vitruvian Man

Leonardo Da Vinci

Discover our digital exhibition collection

The virtual exhibition brings together 120 animated and scrolling artworks by famous European artists covering a wide range of artistic eras, styles and techniques.

The Circus Georges Seurat 1890, Oil on canvas

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp

Rembrandt van Rijn

The Circus Georges Seurat 1890, Oil on canvas

Marie Antoinette in a red hunting habit

Joseph Kranzinger

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