Founded in 2013, Les Apprimeurs is a publishing house and a digital agency dedicated to accompany professionals of the cultural and educational sector to the digital creation and dissemination of their contents. Specialized in EPUB 3 format, our team imagines tailor-made solutions to answer the new expectations of users in terms of accessibility, dissemination and interactivity.

Our activity is built on four axis :
1. Creation of enriched and accessible digital productions (ebooks) which have been awarded several prizes, under its publishing brand L’Apprimerie. We also regularly collaborate with professionals and organizations from various sectors: educational, cultural and audiovisual institutions.

2. Edition of illustrated books. We work with authors and illustrators, and accompany them in the creation and production of books for children. We organise workshops in schools of Arts about new narrative processes combining traditional and digital media. We work with libraries and teachers to promote the creation of books as a creative project to bring together a class or individuals from different backgrounds.

3. Development of innovative educational and digital tools to ease access to written contents. We consider digital publishing as a service for readers and a true opportunity to ease reading access and enhance reading experience. Accessibility and inclusive publishing are the keystone of our approach.

4. Training of professionals and students from publishing, audiovisual, artistic, design, education, willing to update their digital skills and to master new ways of producing digital contents.

Microkosmos is an independent, non-profit, international organization established in 2016 in Italy. The objective of Microkosmos is to promote diversity, interculturality and raise awareness of different cultural expressions and their values in order to encourage the development of cultural interaction with the goal of bringing people closer together and closing the cultural gaps.
In the beginning, the main activities focused on promoting and spreading Greek culture, both classic and modern, at national and international level.

Microkosmos aims to promote :
1. The activities that help people improve their creative thinking and their awareness of cultural and educational diversity in Europe, and in parallel to reinforce the EU identity.

2. Cultural accessibility through adapting and transcribing the cultural, scientific and legal texts.

3. Publishing activity through releasing and / or distributing books, multimedia tools, studies or researches.

4. And organize or participate in training activities (seminars, conferences, training and educational courses, labs, training workshops etc.).

5. Artistic creation and Interculturalism.
The organization operates based on the principles of social solidarity with an interdisciplinary method for the cultural growth of the person – of any ethnicity and origin – favoring instruments of interpretation of the different artistic and socio-cultural realities. The philosophy is to recognize the individuals, and provide them with tools, knowledge and a voice.

Finally, the association organizes annually innovative seminars regarding the cultural heritage and the arts addressed to young people, disabled, (im)migrants and refugees in collaboration with the University of Turin. In the beginning, the main activities focused on promoting and spreading Greek culture, both classic and modern, at national and international level.


European Development Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO, established in 2011. Its mission is to work for civil society development, creation of programmes and organisation of events, supporting innovative practices, education and training of children and young people. The Foundation also aims to social integration of vulnerable members of society.

Since 2012 the Foundation has had an agreement with the Bulgarian Employment Agency at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and has organised over 15 trainings in the areas of foreign languages (English, Russian, German and Greek) and soft skills. We have consulted young people on business plan development and promotion of non-formal and informal education and training. We have been involved in the development of online educational platforms and of a variety of digital learning tools supporting non-formal education. We have consulted different private and public bodies on project proposal writing and implementation, as well as in development of different types of analyses in the field of municipal social services for Sofia municipality.  About 250 learners have attended the courses organised by the Foundation. 

Our future goals are to continue working in the fields of youth initiatives, continuous education and cultural exchange, and to create regional consultative and educational centres for young people.

Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized in learning disorders amongst youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), we therefore bring the know-how on  accessibility of content in all the projects that we participate in. 

Envisioning a viable career path for every artist…

Inspired by Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to take part freely in the cultural life of the community, [and] to enjoy the arts”, MYARTIST is a bridge between artists and society.

MYARTIST is a social cooperative enterprise, founded in 2018, specialized in the provision of services of general interest or in the reintegration, through work, coaching/counselling and mentoring services, of disadvantaged and marginalized artists (disabled, long-term unemployed, former detainees, addicts, etc.).

MYARTIST offers management, coaching, mentoring and counselling services to graduates from “arts schools”, inviting companies to “adopt” an artist and to undertake his/her operating costs (in order to create a painting, a sculpture, to organize a photographic exhibition, etc.). MYARTIST brings creative talents into contact with companies of excellence. From the synergy between the company and the artist, an unprecedented art collection is born, an exceptional and innovative testimonial of an entrepreneurial artist identity.

In that way, MYARTIST aims to engage art as an important tool for fostering dialogue among diverse peoples, cultures, and worldviews to encourage tolerance and solidarity in the defence of human rights, underlying the importance of the relationship between the artist and the most compelling issues of our time.

The Association of Educational Services “OpenEurope” is a non-for -profit organisation with the main office in Reus (Catalonia, Spain) that aims to help young people and adults who work in youth related sectors participate in European programs.

All projects and initiatives of our organisation aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying on projects and programs that seek a life-long learning process. Our programs are designed to develop the participants’ communication, leadership and occupational skills.

We pay special attention to increasing non-governmental organisations’ capacities as well as those of the volunteers working to solve social problems. We help to involve all the members of the community in our projects and activities, especially those related to civil responsibility, immigration, technology at service of people or smart cities.

OpenEurope is the first and only qualified multiplier point in the province of Tarragona of the European network EURODESK. It is an informational service about European programs and initiatives in the fields of education, training, occupation and youth.

Being an official point allows us to have free access to the network information and share it with the youth and all the people who might be interested. We offer advice and counselling about international youth exchanges within many European countries; we look for contacts or possible partners to carry out European projects and we give practical and useful advice on travelling to the European countries which belong to our network, among many other things.


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Giorgos Stathis

Giorgios Sthathis has participated in numerous European and international conferences on deafness and sign language interpretation, as well as on audiovisual translation, such as subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing and audio description for the visually impaired. He has contributed as a mentor to incubation programmes for social enterprises. He is an active interpreter for the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, for the National Foundation of the Deaf of Greece, for the Ministry of Digital Governance, in briefings with the representative of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, and he is the TV presenter for sign language news on the Greek TV channel Ant1.

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