Accessible glossary play btn for sign langage video

To complement the digital scrolling and narrated works of art dedicated to artistic discovery and reading / language learning, we provide educators and learners with an accessible glossary of terms used and concepts related to the commentary of the works. The words presented, illustrated and signed. 

This is the first multilingual glossary in easy to read/understand, iconic and sign language dedicated to artistic vocabulary for audiences with few or no qualifications and/or with disabilities and learning difficulties. 

Art terms are a very important part of creating art.
They summarize difficult concepts.
Course instructors and museum curators tend to use art terms
in order to better explain an art movement
or the technique of an artist.

It is a good idea to get yourself familiar with them
if you want to further your skills.

To help you learn the lingo,
we have prepared this art terms glossary.
This glossary makes important concepts easy to understand.

We designed these expressions to be of practical help to creators.
So, if you feel like you need to brush up on the basics of drawing and painting,
there is a good chance they can help you out of a creative channel.